The transition from HCC to four-year university or university is a popular path to the bachelor`s degree. By earning college credits at the HCC, you can build a solid academic base and save university costs before transferring. For human development and consumer science programs, a list of Houston Community College`s articulation programs can be found here. For more information: the College of Technology at the University of Houston and the Houston Community College (HCC) have facilitated the application of their personnel and technology degrees to students at the University of Houston. The articulation agreement signed by the two schools will allow a smooth transition for transfer students to pass a degree in CSM without loss of credits or duplication. A Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science is a bachelor`s degree for students who, after graduating from applied science, move into a technical field at a four-year university. Unlike many traditional degrees, credits for the bachelor`s degree are accepted. Students who have graduated from one of the approved programs listed in the attached curriculum guide or who are in the process of completing an applied science degree can submit the specific course documents listed in the articulation manual. Students who have entered into an applied science partnership in one of the programs listed below are eligible to license Retailing and Consumer Science from the University of Houston as part of the agreement. Since the introduction of the reverse joint, 205 associate degrees have been awarded by San Jacinto College to students at the University of Houston-Clear Lake. The College of Technology is pleased to have joint agreements with the Lone Star College System (formerly the North Harris Montgomery Community College District), the San Jacinto Community District and Houston Community College. The agreement allows students to move smoothly from the curriculum, allowing them to move from community school to UH without loss of credits or duplication. As a general rule, up to 66 hours of lower credit from an accredited university can be attributed to the Bachelor of Science.

For questions about human development and the articulation of consumer science, please contact UHCL courses are once again transferable to Texas colleges. If you have attended a two-year university that has a self-transfer transfer contract with UHCL, this institution will also honour the courses you will take at UHCL. Each semester, Houston Community College organizes several transfer fairs throughout the system. These lounges allow students to leave permanent impressions with the university professors and staff present. We are happy to show the quality of what the state, the nation and even the world can offer our students. A joint agreement with other community colleges is imminent. Most universities have application fees. An application for authorization is considered complete only when all official documents are available and all taxes have been paid.